Nic's Portfolio

  • Warcraft - Orgrim Armor/Clothing sculpt and build. Shoutout to Lenny Lee for the incredible character model
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story - AT-DT Imperial Walker build
  • Captain America: Civil War - Airport Gate section, plus hero jet bridge
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story - Creature build on Summa-Verminoth (Kessell Run)
  • Dr. Strange - Extensive New York buildings work
  • Transformer: The Last Knight - extensive Cybertron work
  • Snow White - Greatfather sculpting and modeling
  • Hop - Easter Factory - worked on various machinery
  • Nissan Note Commercial - Jester modeling and UV's
  • Hop - EB (young) - concept sculpt, model and UV's
  • Land of the Lost - "Temple Plaza" set extension work
  • Fast and Furious - extensive terrain work
  • Cape Cod Potato Chips - Seagull modeling
  • Hop - Pink Berets - concept sculpts, models, UV's
  • Kodak Kiosk w/Hop - lighting

Demo Reel

Runtime - 3:10-3:13 minutes

Direct Local Links (1920x1080):

          General Demo Reel (mp4, 130mb)

          Character Demo Reel (mp4, 138mb)

          Youtube Reel Playlist

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Demo Reel

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